Funko Pop! Rocks Britney Spears With Whip #262 Circus Music Video 2022

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Introducing the Funko Pop! Rocks vinyl figure featuring Britney Spears with Whip #262 Circus Music Video 2022. This collectible item from the Pop product line is packaged in its original unopened box and is a must-have for any fan of the iconic pop star. The figure is made of high-quality vinyl material and was manufactured in China. It comes with common features and is a part of the Rocks franchise.


The Funko Pop! figure is modified-free and is perfect for collectors of all ages. This item is a great addition to any collection and is perfect as a gift for any Britney Spears fan. Get your hands on this Funko Pop! figure and feel the excitement of owning a piece of Britney Spears' legacy.